RDP 2021-2027

Regional development planning – Program period 2021 – 2027


The priority task of the Development Center Murska Sobota, together with other partners, is the planning of regional development, which must be the result of cooperation between the national, regional and local levels, and at this level, in particular, various regional stakeholders and civil society. Only in this way can written plans be an actual reflection of the state, capabilities and wishes of the region to which they are intended. The Regional development program is the fundamental strategic and programming document that defines the main guidelines and priorities for the development of the region. A wide range of regional stakeholders is involved in its planning, from regional bodies and the most important regional institutions to civil society, the professional public and interested individuals – all with the aim of achieving a broader social agreement on the direction of further development of the region. The preparation of the Regional Development Program 2021-2027 began with the adoption of the decision of the Development Council of the Pomurje Region on the preparation of the RDP and the program for the preparation of the RDP at the end of August and with the holding of the Regional Development Conference on October 5, 2018 at the Castle in Goričko, and continued with brainstorming sessions, working meetings and meetings with regional stakeholders, experts and other interested parties in the joint formulation of the region’s future development strategy. The final document – the Regional Development Program of the Pomurje Region for the period 2021-2027 – was prepared and approved by the regional authorities in June 2022. The adopted development document derives the vision of the region’s development: Healthy. Pomurje. 2030. The development specialization of the region will be realized in sustainable, integrated and innovative solutions in areas related to health – from a healthy environment and ensuring the attractiveness of the region for the immigration of creative and innovative young people and tourist visits to the production and processing of healthy food and enabling conditions and promoting services for healthy aging.
The strategic development goals of Pomurje for the period 2021-2027 are:
  • A healthy natural, social and economic environment
  • Healthy food and a vital countryside
  • Healthy aging and a connected society


The development priorities of Pomurje for the period 2021-2027 are coordinated with the fundamental strategic orientations and endogenous potentials of the Pomurje region and are reflected as integrated sets of identified measures in the areas of:

  • A smart region
  • Green region
  • Connected region
  • Social region
  • Attractive region


REGIONAL DEVEVELOPMENT PROGRAM POMURJE 2021 – 2027 (adopted at the 3rd regular session of the RSR on 13/06/2022 and confirmed at the 95th regular session of the SR on 16/06/2022)