About us

Development agency Sinergija acts as a business support development institution for municipalities, other partners and the population. It takes care of the development of entrepreneurship, economic and spiritual development with the following main activities:

  • Encouraging development potential and managing local development partnership.
  • Planning, implementation, coordination and management of local development projects in the fields of entrepreneurship, infrastructure, space, ecology, agriculture and others.
  • Accelerating the development of entrepreneurship at the local level.
  • Preparation of plans for self-employment and assistance in organizing employment projects.
  • Organization and implementation of professional trainings.
  • Promotion of untapped potential and development projects.
  • Promotion of municipalities and tourism marketing.
  • Information about the development incentives of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union and help in obtaining money from state finances.
  • Assistance to local communities in obtaining financial aid from international sources.
  • Cooperation with other local regional development agencies, administrative units and others with the aim of promoting the overall development of the region.

The essence of our work is: to achieve synergistic effects, to increase user demand, to increase our own efficiency, to satisfy the common interests of our development coalition / development partnership, the expectations of the environment and individual members of the coalition.

Activity of DA Sinergije – Details


In 1996/97, the local development coalition of Prekmurje municipalities was successfully established as part of the project to promote local initiatives. (Beltinci, Moravske Toplice, Puconci, Hodoš, Šalovci, Kuzma, Grad, Gornji Petrovci, Rogašovci and Cankova).

In January 1998, the listed municipalities, with institutional support from the state level and together with the Murska Sobota Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Murska Sobota Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d. OE Murska Sobota established the Sinergija Development Center as a joint business support center for the area of the founding municipalities.

This was supported by the fact that in 1998 there were twelve municipalities in this area without supporting personnel who could competently establish and implement basic and developmental functions and tasks, as well as the financial strength of the municipalities themselves being too weak to hire their own contractors.

At the end of 2000, in addition to strengthening the development partnership, we also supplemented our name, which reads Razvojna agencija Sinergija, d.o.o., Accelerating the development of entrepreneurship and the economic and spiritual development of rural areas.

The beginnings were not easy, as the executive staff had to be re-educated and trained, which the environment did not provide, and we had to gain trust and open doors with competent state institutions, as well as strengthen trust in the domestic environment.

Mission and vision

The vision of Development Agency Sinergija is to create such conditions for people to live in the area of the municipalities that are members of the development coalition / development partnership, that people will be given the best possible or realistic possibilities for local satisfaction and global success.

The mission or role of the Development Agency Sinergija is defined by the following program directions:

  • connect public and business interests with the development goals of the local environment;
  • to encourage the development of entrepreneurship and small economy;
  • implementation of tasks from development programs of the local area;
  • to establish quality services of a supportive environment for entrepreneurs or business-oriented residents;
  • professional assistance (specific/specialist) to municipal administrations.

By encouraging and helping people to activate their potential, while achieving synergistic effects, we want to influence and contribute to the development of the local development coalition / development partnership area and the people living here.