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Status: Ongoing

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Stanislav Sraka




+386 2 538 13 51
obišči in razišči za splet

The leading partner of the operation: The leading partner LAG AT the good people – Society for the sustainability of resources SI.ENERGIJA Renkovci 8, 9224 Turnišče

Partner in the operation: Development agency Sinergija d.o.o., Acceleration of development, business unit Renkovci Renkovci 8, 9224 Turnišče

Thematic area of action: Job creation Development of basic services

Measure under SLR: Development of tourism in connection with natural and cultural heritage


Specific objective:

  • Increase entrepreneurial activities and encourage innovative partnerships, thus creating conditions for new (green) jobs, new local products and services;
  • To improve the tourist attractiveness of the LAG area by exploiting cultural and natural features.

The purpose of the operation: Tourism represents a very important and at the same time one of the most promising economic sectors in the LAG area. The cultural landscape and heritage in the countryside are important economic opportunities, so it is necessary to use these potentials as a development factor. The area is characterized by a diverse tourist, sports and recreational infrastructure. Many cultural, sports and other events are organized in the area every year. The utilization of the advantageous geographical position is poor. The potential of the natural and cultural heritage for tourism purposes is not fully exploited. The tourist offer is fragmented (unconnectedness of individual existing providers). With the operation, we want to take advantage of the high level of preserved nature as a potential for the development of eco-friendly (sustainable) tourism. Locally produced products and food will be included in the tourist offer. We will develop new tourist products as a result of integration and active integral protection of natural and cultural heritage. We will connect the providers in the LAG area with good people in joint activities. The solutions created as part of the operation will be permanent, as online solutions will be updated, which will be taken care of by the LAG leading partner, and the marketing of new products and 5-star experiences will be taken over by participating providers from the LAG area. The implementation of the operation will include the entire LAG area, all interested providers and the areas of production, processing and tourism. We will also include already existing stories from the area in the operation’s activities, connect them in one place and also take care of their visibility. We will also create various presentation aids and carry out a digital campaign and other recognizable activities. Part of the activity will be aimed at improving knowledge of sustainable and green tourism. In this way, we will bring the providers of the LAG area closer to Slovenian and global trends in tourism. We will carry out a series of activities to improve the skills of tourism providers. A special set of activities is aimed at raising awareness and training young people and the unemployed.


Objectives of the operation

The key objectives of the operation are:

  • to improve, connect and combine the presentation of the entire area of LAG with good people, especially in the field of tourism, natural and cultural heritage;
  • connect growers and processors in the LAG area and open up new market routes for them;
  • improve knowledge of sustainable and green tourism.


Operation indicators:

  • Number of new local products and services (2);
  • Number of new tourist programs, products and services based on the cultural and natural heritage of the LAG area (1);
  • Number of conducted educational events (4).


Results of the operation:

  • With the establishment of an online platform and the implementation of digital activities, we will improve, connect and combine the presentation of the entire area of LAG At good people (1 new joint online platform);
  • With the creation of the new product “Good basket” we will connect the growers and processors of the LAG area (2 new packages);
  • By holding an awareness event, we will increase knowledge of sustainable and green tourism (1 event).


Operation period:

1.7. 2023—31.12.2024


Total value of the operation in EUR: 86,147.00

Amount of co-financing in EUR: 70,045.95

Contact: E: info@las-pdl.si T: 040 252 762 or 02 538 16 63


European Commission website: https://ec.europa .eu/agriculture/rural-development-2014-2020/index_sl.htm

The website of the Rural Development Program: https://www.program-podezelja.si/

The website of LAG At the good people 2020: http://www.las- pridobrihljudeh.si/prva-stran/