The start of the project:


The end of the project:

Status: Ongoing

Total value of the project:

2.134.842,00 EUR (1.661.661,70 EUR from the European Fund for Regional Development)

Share of DA Sinergija:

116.000 EUR (92.800 EUR from the European Fund for Regional Development)

Contact person:

Simona Roudi




+386 2 538 13 52

EMBRACER is a region-oriented project in which seven European regions have committed to connect public transport with informal modes of travel (cycling, ride hailing, car/bike/scoo sharing, on-demand transport, autonomous transport) to improve connectivity to urban areas and achieving seamless, climate-resilient regional and local intermodal mobility. Objectives of the EMBRACER project: European regions need a radical transition to seamless intermodal mobility in order to motivate people to choose sustainable forms of travel. In addition, places in peripheral and rural areas face different challenges related to mobility. Limitations in digital connectivity, transport infrastructure and services can have significant social and economic consequences for communities, especially in terms of reducing travel opportunities and thereby hindering access to employment and educational opportunities and other social activities. The exchange of knowledge and experience between regions, which will take place within the framework of the EMBRACER project, will be facilitated by a cooperation structure that encourages the cooperation of different stakeholder groups, which will contribute to the identification of innovative multimodal mobility solutions (related to planning, policies, digital technologies). The exchange of knowledge will be further enriched with the help of pilot testing of autonomous transport, which will enable connection with public transport and improve travel in remote areas.

The main challenges of the EMBRACER project:

The project aims to improve political instruments and by 2026 implement new projects, improve management or implement structural changes on the following instruments: – Comprehensive Territorial Development Strategy of the Coimbra Region 2021-2027 – Strategic Territorial Plan of the Metropolitan City of Cagliari – Bucharest-Ilfov Regional operational program 2021-2027 – Integrated transport strategy of the Municipality of Ljutomer – Leipzig – city for intelligent mobility – Integrated transport strategy for the city of Vilnius – Development plan of the city of Cork 2022-2028

More information can be found on the website: https://www.interregeurope.eu/embracer