Tourism development strategy in the municipality of Puconci

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Tadeja Horvat



+386 (0)2 538 13 50
Strategija razvoja turizma v občini Puconci 2024 - 2030

Where do we see the potential of tourism in our municipality? What are the opportunities that tourism in the municipality of Puconci can rely on?

We will answer all these and more questions through the preparation of the Tourism Development Strategy in the municipality of Puconci for the period 2024 – 2030. The chosen developer of the strategy is the Development Agency Sinergija from Moravske Toplice, which will conduct interviews with key stakeholders during the preparation of the strategy, a survey will be prepared for the general public, held public discussions/consultations in the villages, focus groups with associations, primary schools, an analysis of the situation, etc. will be carried out. 3 rich prizes will be drawn among all participating citizens who will take part in the survey for the general public.

You, the citizens, will be involved in all these stages, preparation procedures, and thus contribute to the preparation of a strategically important document, which will not only reveal the tourism potential of the municipality, but also the potential of other areas.

The preparation process began in February 2023 and will be completed in September 2023. We will inform you about all subsequent steps of the implementation via the municipal website and through municipal printed newsletters.

If you want to present to the strategy maker all our opportunities that you think should be highlighted, you are invited to get in touch with them by phone at 02 538 13 56 or by e-mail at, responsible person from the side of the strategy maker is Tadeja Horvat.