The start of the project:


The end of the project:

Status: Ongoing

Total value of the project:

2.020.864,00 EUR (1.598.959,20 EUR from the European Fund for Regional Development)

Share of DA Sinergija:

221.200,00 EUR (176.960,00 EUR from the European Fund for Regional Development)

Contact person:

Nuša Vučkič, Tadeja Horvat



+386 2 538 13 56

The CIVITEC project aims to make democracy more participatory, inclusive, and responsive by enhancing citizen involvement through new digital tools and processes.

Civic technology, often referred to as Civic Tech, plays a pivotal role in enhancing engagement and public participation across various levels of governance. By facilitating the co-creation of strategies and policies, it fosters dynamic shifts in the relationship between citizens and public institutions, revitalizing democratic processes.

Project partners will refine policies and identify a diverse array of emerging digital tools, and process methodologies aimed at amplifying citizen and community participation within the framework of a free and democratic society: strengthening the transparency, accountability, and capacity of local governments and augmenting citizen and stakeholder involvement in decision-making and policy implementation processes.

“Tools such as online petitions, open data portals, citizen evaluation and monitoring platforms, and participatory budgeting systems will empower citizens to collectively discuss community needs and priorities, subsequently allocating public funds accordingly”, Eleftherios Loizou, CIVITEC Project Leader.

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